Lisa Scottoline on Accused, a Return to Rosato & Nonfiction with Francesca

In Accused, Lisa Scottoline returns to Rosato & Associates, her all-women Philadelphia law firm, for the newest book in her hugely popular series—and the first since 2010’s Think Twice. Back are Bennie Rosato, Mary DiNunzio, Judy Carrier, and Anne Murphy—exciting news for both fans and Scottoline herself.

“For awhile I left Rosato behind, and the truth is I kind of missed it,” Scottoline said in our Bibliostar.TV interview. “And the emails (from readers) would say, ‘We love your new book, but when is Rosato coming back?” For Scottoline, the women of Rosato & Associates bring the comfort of the familiar. “What it’s like to go back to those people, it really is like your high school reunion—only great. The bottom line, they’re old friends.”

Not that Scottoline’s standalone career away from Rosato is suffering–hardly. Her most recent book, Don’t Go, the story of an Army doctor serving in Afghanistan who faces devastating losses back home, climbed to #2 on the New York Times bestseller list this past April, and Scottoline’s legion of readers continues to grow rapidly as she stretches into new writing genres.

The case at the center of Accused involves a 13-year-old client, Allegra Gardner, whose sister was murdered six years ago. The case looks open and shut at first glance; the accused, Lonnie Stall, was seen fleeing the scene, his blood was on the murder victim, and Lonnie even pleaded guilty. Still, Allegra believes Lonnie is innocent and has been wrongly imprisoned. Despite the long shot, the firm takes the case.

Besides her 12 Rosato books and 9 standalone novels, Scottoline also writes the weekly Sunday “Chick Wit” column for The Philadelphia Inquirer with daughter, Francesca Serritella. Together, Scottoline and Serritella have also published a number of successful nonfiction books derived from the columns, most recently, Meet Me At Emotional Baggage Claim.

“It’s totally a gas,” Scottoline said. “We did it because I missed Erma Bombeck, basically. And also I thought, why can’t I just write funny? I like to be funny about my life.”

As for daughter Francesca, Scottoline is unabashedly proud. “I think everything she does is great. We all have a refrigerator for a reason, right? To plaster with our kids stuff…And the truth is, I think the job of any parent is to help kids find their voice. You’re not trying to make your kid be you. She doesn’t write like me. I think she writes better than me in lots of ways. She’s a more lyrical, slower, more deliberative, more poetic. I’m like a car chase.”

Accused is available now, and published by St. Martin’s Press.

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