Dennis Lehane: “You Don’t Want Me Tweeting”

There are some authors that take a natural shining to social media and the daily chatter with fans and followers. And then there is Dennis Lehane. Lehane, who’s just released Live By Night, his latest crime fiction pulse-pounder, is pretty sure he shouldn’t be messing around with Twitter or Facebook. When asked about his current social media diet, Lehane made clear it’s not his thing.

“I go with the rule I had since 1994: Cream rises. Just write the best book you can. That’s it. Let everyone else deal with everything else… I don’t blog, I don’t tweet, I don’t do that stuff because I’d be a geek at it. I wouldn’t know what I was saying…What you want from me is for me to be working on the book. You don’t want me to be tweeting. You really don’t.”

But despite his social media misgivings, today we learned that Lehane was so mad that he learned how to use Facebook. While Live by Night has received mostly glowing reviews, a review in The Boston Globe mistakenly called out Lehane for “a stunningly embarrassing scene” in which the main character, a Boston gangster, meets “what Spike Lee would call a Magical Negro named Turner John.”

The problem: Turner John is white. Lehane had his assistant teach him how to use Facebook to post a response. And then, after Globe reviewer Eugenia Williamson corrected the mistake, Lehane took to Twitter—presumably requiring another social media lesson—to ask his ask his angry fans to lay off the reviewer for her mistake. Who knows, it might be a Twitter awakening for Lehane?

For more on Live by Night, watch the full interview with Dennis Lehane.

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