Bibliostar.TV is entertainment for readers. Behind every great story is a backstory, a lightning strike, a passion, a character left behind in a discarded edit. The stories of books–their authors, their readers, their locations or their specific areas of expertise–are often as interesting and inspiring as the books themselves.

At Bibliostar.TV, we recognize that in many instances, readers just don’t finish a book. A good book lingers in our mind for days, weeks or longer, providing insight and color into our lives long after we’ve finished reading. Bibliostar.TV helps provide the context and background about how a book came to be, or the source of an author’s inspiration. Other times, readers are looking for their next great book. What better place to find a recommendation than from other readers or the authors themselves? At Bibliostar.TV, you’ll find interviews, discussions, and–through Bibliostar.TV Live using Shindig.com — author events that bring you into the room with the author themselves.

Rich Fahle, Founder and Creative Lead
Bibliostar.TV was created by Rich Fahle, the CEO and Founder of Astral Road Media, an innovative marketing services agency for authors, artists, and other content creators. At Astral Road, he oversees the implementation of author marketing strategies that fully capitalize on the emerging digital marketplace, including platform and content strategy development, streaming video and audio production, website development, and digital publishing guidance. Prior to Astral Road, Fahle was Vice President, Digital Content, E-Commerce and Entertainment for Borders, where he also created the Borders Media video entertainment channel. Prior to Borders, Fahle was Chief Spokesman and Media Relations Manager for the public affairs cable TV network, C-SPAN, and a manager at Kramerbooks, in Washington, DC. Power politico that he is, Rich had a particularly enjoyable day shooting this video.

Rodney Johnson, Ace Videographer
R.J. is a 20-year video production professional with an amazing eye and a unique, specialized expertise in author and content creator production. For Borders, Rodney served as producer for the Mitch Albom streaming video series, a collaboration with the author and bookseller, as well as producing hundreds of author and musician events in a style designed to capture the intimacy of each event, and the unique personality of each subject. He’s particularly fond of this incredible video from his long list of video production accomplishments.

Lani Chisnell, After Hours Web Designer
Lani has another full-time day job, as co-owner of Boxcar Studio in Ann Arbor, MI, but manages to answer emails and fix things that Rich has broken on the website at all hours of the night. She speaks fluent codese, has a beautiful design eye, and is a prolific reader, to boot. Lani also came from Borders, and while her design work there is hard to find today, her efforts to build and design Borders Media were the key to bringing book video to Borders in the mid 2000s. Lani’s combination of a B.A. in English and a Master’s degree in Information and Library Science makes her a perfect Ms. Fixit for my website for booklovers.


About Bibliostar.TV

Bibliostar.TV is entertainment for readers, including interviews, discussions, live events, and other special features about books, authors, and the reading life. Tune in here for more author videos and features every day. We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions.

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